Friday, 29 March 2013

AR Book Finder Quick Search to Help Your Child Grow

With the AR Book Finder Quick Search, parents and children can begin to explore more than 140,000 tests that can help them to find books that they can enjoy reading in a level that will work for them. The system provides students with a way to get a book in the level that they can comfortably read on a variety of topics that they will love.

Books are broken down into basic categories that range from Kindergarten level and go to Grade 6+. The goal is to have your child reading books at least at their grade level as quickly as possible. From there, steps should be taken to accelerate their ability to read into higher level groups as possible.

What parents and students should understand is that the system does keep track of the reading ability the child has. As the student completes books and takes their tests, they will continue to expand their vocabulary and will be presented with new books that can increase their skills. Typically, the goals a student will have in place will be broken down by months or quarters to help ensure that the child is meeting their requirements. The decision on the time frame can be based on the course outline your child has, or self paced students may be able to determine their goals for this program.

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Perhaps the most interesting feature that the AR Book Finder Quick Search offers is the ability for parents to review what their child is doing as well. While testing can only be done from a school computer, parents can still log into the system and review how well their child is doing. Along with that, they can help their child to consider new stories and allow this to be a way to work together with their child to improve their education at the same time. The goal here is to make this a fun and educational experience for your child and to ensure that they will remain focused on reading even after their program has ended.

Since the AR Book Finder Quick Search program is fully interactive, there is little doubt that both parents and students are going to have a powerful tool that they can use. When used properly, this is going to be a surefire way for students to continue to expand their knowledge of the English language and potentially end up improving in their other courses where language may have been a barrier for them at one time.

With more schools enrolling in this powerful program all the time, there is little doubt that most parents will see the AR Book Finder Quick Search program at some point during their child’s education. Learning all you can about it now will help to increase the probability you will have with using this valuable tool to expand the level of knowledge that your child is going to end up having.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Benefits of Using the AR Finder for Children

Reading is very important for children. It helps them develop a broader vocabulary, reading development skills and an understanding of the English language. Some schools and teachers have taken a step further to help develop children's reading skills. The A.R. Program (Accelerated Reader's Program), helps finds books that increase a child's reading level and learn comprehension. The A.R. Finder (accelerated reader) is a website that assists teachers, parents and librarians.

Parents can use tools found on the A.R. website to help develop a child's love for reading. There are even free bookmarks that they can print out for children to use. The parent's guide to helping their children learn how to enjoy reading include a few tips that can help lead to success. These tips include building a home library, reading with their children and asking their children about the books that they have read. Parents can even search for specific books or subjects and then create a reading list that they can build for their children. It also offers links to Amazon where the books can be purchased.

Teachers can also use the A.R. Website to help benefit the students in their classroom. They can design a reading list for students to choose books from. Books on the A.R. Finder also come equipped with tests that students can take to test their comprehension on the material that they read. Teachers may often use these tests to add additional points to their current reading score/grade. Other teachers may require that a certain number of books must be read from the list before the year is over. Textbook material can also be accessed by teachers on the A.R website too.

The A.R. Finder is also beneficial to librarians. Librarians can find the best books that can benefit their younger customers who come to the library. They can choose books that have been suggested on the state list, awards list or Librarian's picks. Librarians can also use the advanced book finder to search for specific titles, authors or ISBN numbers. They can also search by reading level to find appropriate books for different aged children. Also, if children need to, they can take their A.R. Tests if additional computers are available to do so.

Reading is an important part of children's lives. The A.R. Finder is dedicated to helping parents, students and librarians to use reading as a way to enrich the development of children and their reading skills. It is a simple website that is informative and easy to use. There is no cost to use the website, and it is available on the web for everyone to use. Parents, teachers and librarians can begin using the website and find books to benefit the children in their lives and add them to their “A.R book bag.” With continued use, they can help build a library of books that can help a child learn and explore the world of reading.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Accelerated Reader Program and You

Reading can be one of the most difficult hurdles for a student to tackle, and there are some who never really manage to do it. There are several reasons for this, one of which might be the lack of knowledge on the part of the educator. This is not to say that the educator in question is unfamiliar with the material, but rather the progress that is or is not being made by the student in question. Accelerate Reader can easily put a stop to that and ensure that reading practice is more effective for each student. In addition to that, it will personalize the experience for each and every student. If the modern classroom is to progress, then it will need to acknowledge that all students learn at a different pace even if there is a common pace for all.

The Accelerated Reader program provides four types of skill tests for students which range from reading practice, vocabulary practice, literacy skills, and textbook quizzes. By learning the level at which each student resides, a true love of reading can be developed, and fewer students will need to be left behind.

With the Accelerated Reading course you will receive immediate feedback regarding the status of each student, which means the reading and vocabulary portions. This is extremely helpful in the classroom and will provide your students a chance to succeed.

With the AR finder you will be able to search for book titles based upon the authors, the title of the book, or even topics. If, as an example, you were to search for ‘Encyclopedia Brown’, you would be provided with a list of available books in this series, and upon further investigation you will find the AR number. You have the option to pass the book by or you can simply add it to your AR book bag. This is a very convenient method of searching and will help to provide you, your student, or anyone interested with these books.

If you are not finding what you need, then you can always use the advanced search which will permit you to search by ISBN Number, Interest Level, the quiz level released, and virtually any other relevant parameter you can think of. If you were only looking for books that meet a certain criteria, you can find those that have won awards or even those who have been written by other student. With the AR finder, you are certain to find exactly what you need. As you can see, the AR finder is a valuable and relevant tool when it comes to ensuring you have the right books whether you are a student, teacher, or parent. Reading is extremely important as the world moves toward information technology and steadily away from manual labor. Make sure no one is left behind today!